Planning & Design

We undertake, pre-planning advice, architectural design and planning services including feasibility studies,

measured surveys and design and access statements. It’s imperative the planning stage of your project is thought through and every detail considered to achieve the best possible outcome from the outset.

Our unique combination of in-house design and fine building knowledge ensure your project design is both aspirational, buildable and exceeds expectations.

We provide know-how in specialist areas including basement development, construction in space-restricted environments, in conservation areas and on listed buildings. From time to time the process of preparing a planning application will require specialist expertise and we have a hand-picked selection of experienced like-minded professionals to assist.

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Development Management

From pre-planning advice, feasibility studies and surveys to architectural design, planning and project management

— we make the process of adding value to your property simple.

Our client focused approach brings together a hand-picked selection of our experienced consultants and contractors to form the project team required to deliver your project.

We work with homeowners and investors who have limited knowledge of the building/development process and are time pressed but want to create and add value to their property or investments whilst focusing on their own business ventures and careers. We provide summary reports on cost and progress throughout a project, so our clients are regularly kept up to date on how their projects are performing.

Our industry professionals include, lenders, structural engineers, party wall surveyors, right to light specialists, sound engineers, building inspectors, interior designers and experienced high-quality contractors.

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A Leefran home encompasses experienced design leading to an exceptional outcome.

Our properties are renowned for maximising square footage to achieve exceptional homes in prime locations where space is of a premium. We design and develop beautiful spaces and interiors within conservation areas and on listed buildings and have a wealth of knowledge in basement construction and compact building environments within city centres.

We regularly work with other like-minded developers to achieve a joint outcome and welcome the opportunity to undertake a joint venture. Please contact us to discuss your project in more detail and identify how there could be advantages for a partnership to achieve an outcome above expectations.

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See the areas we have recently achieved planning permission below: –

St Albans

Carlisle Avenue

Clifton Street

Dalton Street

Riverside Road

Hill Street

Lower Dagnall Street

Worley Road

Kingsbury Avenue


Sheendale Road, Richmond

Perrers Road, Hammersmith

Other areas

Wratten Road, Hitchin

Mildred Avenue, Watford